A Narrative-driven CRPG

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About the Game
WhaleFall Haven is an immersive CRPG set in a vibrant, multi-layered world filled with a rich cast of characters, dynamic environments, and intriguing storylines. Players navigate through this expansive universe, encountering unique creatures, solving puzzles, and engaging in thrilling battles.

My Role
I have been serving as the System Designer and Programmer for this game since December 2023.

In terms of system design, I have been involved in enhancing the game's probability mechanisms and other systems, introducing more possibilities and innovation to the game. On the programming side, I've been responsible for implementing UI-based functionalities, such as the glossary system.

This game showcased a demo at the Köln Gamescon in August 2023. You can find the link here. It is also set to exhibit the demo at the Games Finance Market during the London Game Festival in April 2024.

Playthrough Video

Screenshots in Game

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