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"The world is a better place with more creators in it," is the slogan of Unity Engine, and it resonates deeply with me. Currently enrolled at New York University Shanghai, pursuing a major in Interactive Media Arts and minor in Computer Science, I am dedicated to evolving into a game designer and programmer. My goal is to share my creativity and ideas, offering enjoyment and pleasure to others. I possess a strong understanding of many existing games and am adept at developing new ideas and bringing them to life.

My experience in game design and participation in game jams has equipped me with valuable insights. Proficient in Unity and Unity C#, I also have knowledge in modeling and familiarity with programming languages like Python. I am also a strong communicator and a team player, recognizing the importance of collaboration in game development. I have hobbies including collecting and playing games, collecting fountain pens, playing with Hi-Fi devices. Crucially, I am an amateur radio operator with the callsign BG8LMR.

As a gamer, titles like Death Stranding and Immortality hold a special place in my heart. My Steam library boasts over 250 games, encompassing popular, classical, and indie games, and I have insights in most of them. I am excited to continue my journey as a game designer and contribute to the creation of unique and engaging experiences for players around the world.

You can find my resume through this ︎link.

Some photos with my radio gears:

My recent amateur radio contacts
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Mon Panache!
Mon Panache!
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