Players: 2
Time: 15 - 45 mins
Age: 13+

Keywords: Board Game, Competitive, Statrgy

My role was: the main designer in the prototype stage, the main designer, visual designer, program manager in the finalizing stage


    You are two hackers who clash in a digital duel, racing to gather Ciphertexts to enhance their arsenals with Trojan Virus, Dummy Virus, and Sandbox. Players must skillfully deploy these tools: Trojan Virus aims to infect the opponent, Dummy Virus for bluffing, and Sandbox to evade attacks. The twist? Each card's effect is impartial, equally benefiting or hindering both hackers. Victory lies in outsmarting your rival in this fastpaced, strategic game where every move could be a double-edged sword.


Bomberman by HudsonSoft in 1992

In this video game, the target of players is defeating the enemies by placing down bombs that would explode in multiple directions after a certain amount of time. The explosion of bombs can kill both enemies
and themselves

Chinese Go

Go is an abstract board game invented in China more than 4500 years ago. In this game, two players take turns placing black and white stones on a grid. The goal is to control more territory on the board by surrounding empty spaces and capturing your opponent's stones. You capture stones by surrounding them completely. The player with the most controlled territory and captured stones at the end wins.


Don't step on a Trojan Virus! Even you yourself placed it!

Luckily, It doesn't hurt if you step on a Dummy Virus. But the question is, can you remember or guess which one is Trojan or Dummy?

Break out if you got surrounded and captured!

You enters Breakout mode if you get surrounded and captured by anything. Try to break out or you will lose


Game Setup




Actions and Action Points (AP) 

Each turn, one Hacker has 2 AP & has to use up the 2 AP. Actions are independent of each other. The following actions consume 1 AP:

Special Experience

The intensity level would always rise gradually, as in these scenes:


Some Photos

PDF Portfolio

NYU Game Center GAMES-UT-150 Intro to Game Design project
Instructor: Prof. Mattie Brice
Lead Game Designer: Shengyang Peng
Lead Visual Designer: Shengyang Peng
Associate Designer of Iteration 2: Richard Qu, Britney Ouyang
Associate Designer of Iteration 1: Shiva, Richard
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